Meet Pudge Amazon! Never shies away from a harmless prank. Prefers mac-and-cheese over cauliflower. Always sticks up for his friends.
Fifth grade is never dull with Pudge in your class. Join Pudge in his wacky misadventures as he and his best friends, Rocky and Taylor, try to get out of scrapes. Only to cause even more trouble!
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Prequel: Pudge Amazon and the Lost Lunch

Pudge Amazon usually follows his stomach—to greasy fast food. But when his mother’s purse and money go missing during back-to-school shopping at the mall, Pudge resolves to find the purse and not lose out on a juicy burger.
With his loyal best friend, Pudge hunts high and low through the mall for clues. When the search turns up empty, Pudge must learn to trust his gut to follow the right path.

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#1: Pudge Amazon and the Ugly Ostrich

Fun-loving fifth grader Pudge Amazon never shies away from a harmless prank. But when the principal unjustly accuses him of vandalizing the school’s beloved Ostrich statue, Pudge is determined to hunt down the real culprit to clear his name and escape months of detention.

Aided by his two best friends, Pudge scours the neighborhood for clues and suspects. Their hilarious pursuits result in disaster! When Pudge is confronted with a punishment worse than detention, he must dig deep to discover the truth about the crime—and about himself.

Release Date: August 15, 2023

#2: Pudge Amazon and the Death Spiral

Pudge straps in for the ride of his life!

Thrill-seeker Pudge Amazon has one goal at the town carnival—to brave the Death Spiral, the scariest ride ever. But when a classmate goes missing, he must search the nearby woods to find her and get back to the carnival before it shuts down for the year.

Winding trails, eerie lights, and a mysterious cat lead Pudge and his friends deeper into the darkness. When they encounter creatures more terrifying than any carnival ride, Pudge must summon all his courage to make a daring rescue.

Release Date: October 17, 2023

#3: Pudge Amazon and the Unfair Science Fair

Pudge has the coolest, most awesomest project at the school Science Fair. When the judges announce the winners, Pudge is disqualified! Will Pudge, Rocky, and Taylor find out who sabotaged Pudge's project so he can claim First Prize?

Release Date: February 2024